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“Don’t mistake politeness for lack of strength.”

—U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor

Ask a woman how she got from there to here in the work world and you’ll rarely find a straight line. Women’s work-related struggles are different, but common threads exist including lower pay (a woman earns only 79% of what a man earns) and slower promotion rates. Still (or maybe because), in 2015, over 30 percent of U.S. businesses were owned by women—bringing in $1.6 trillion in revenue and employing over 8 million people combined. By 2018, 1 in 3 new jobs will be generated by women-owned businesses.

Melnick & Melnick, S.C., a law firm and woman-owned business, created this community to support women business owners and encourage their personal growth and development. We share stories, advice, and resources to help women both in and out of the workplace.

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Barkha Limbu Daily grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal and started cooking with her mom, starting at age 7. Barkha made her way to Wisconsin in 2003 for college and graduate school, where she studied marketing and earned her MBA. When Barkha and husband, Jesse, found a dilapidated but historic home turned saloon and brothel turned bar and restaurant, on Main Street in Thiensville, the idea for a Nepalese restaurant was born. Since opening in 2014, the cheel has become an award-winning restaurant, earning inclusion on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s 2018 top 50 restaurants list. Join us to learn how Barkha manages a restaurant, beer garden (the baaree), and her active two-year old son. Plus, Barkha will answer your burning questions including why Thiensville, is Tyler Florence really that good looking in person, and what’s a cheel anyway?


Date: December 10, 2018

Time: Networking 6:00 - 6:30 PM CDT
           Speaker 6:30 - 7:30 PM CDT

Cost: $7 dollar reservation in advance; $10 entry at the door; optional $6 tap beverage

Location: The Ruby Tap - Mequon

Address: 6000 W Mequon Rd
                 Mequon, WI 53092

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Check out curated news, inspiration, and legal updates that affect women in southeast Wisconsin and beyond.

Dominique Crenn Wins Third Michelin Star, a First for a Woman in America

While Michelin stars are quite the achievement for anyone in the restaurant industry, Dominique Crenn has even more reason to be proud. read more

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ will be released in 2019

Although “The Handmaid’s Tale” was published in 1985, its portrayal of dystopian society is still at the front of many minds. After ... read more

Barkha Daily – The Cheel

Did you know that The Cheel was voted in as Milwaukee’s Top 50 Best Restaurants? It’s easy to see why, considering their incredible ... read more

The first year every state sent a woman to Congress, in one map

Vox put together a video map of the year every state elected its first female representative. Montana was first: in 1916 suffragist ... read more

Nevada just got rid of its “tampon tax”

Women in Nevada can take “tampon tax” off their “Reasons Why I Hate My Period” lists. Nevada voters approved the state’s initiative to ... read more

Dorcas Reilly, Creator of the Classic American Green-Bean Casserole, Dies at 92

You probably enjoy Dorcas Reilly’s famous creation every Thanksgiving. This Campbell’s Soup test kitchen supervisor invented Green Bean read more

These Forbes Under 30 Founders Prove The Future (Of STEM) Is Female

The number of women in STEM has doubled over the past twenty years, but only 28% of STEM jobs are held by women. These 30 young women ... read more

The Genius Auto Shop Only a Woman Could Have Created

The auto shop… where mechanics look down on you or try to rip you off because you’re female. Patrice Banks had enough so she opened her read more

She Dropped Out of High School. Now She’s President of the San Francisco Fed.

A high school drop-out is a key player in economic policy decision and we’re lucky to have her. Mary Daly’s non-traditional education ... read more

A Travel Magazine With a Focus on Feminism

A woman’s place is…where ever she wants it to be, including countries, cities, beaches, jungles and mountains all over the world. Women read more

Being Women: Poetry and Imagery

How to create great art in 3 easy steps: 1. Combine powerful poetry by six women. 2. Give the poems to six different ... read more

Women love baseball. Why doesn’t baseball love them back?

America’s pastime is losing the gender equality game. Major League Baseball has a history of trading accused domestic abusers to ... read more

Political Year of the Woman? Been There, Done That, Oregon Says

As if we needed another reason to move to Portland…ever hear of the Estrogen Caucus? It’s the term used in Oregon to describe the ... read more

Five local chefs to be featured on new Food Network show with Tyler Florence

Milwaukee’s restaurant scene takes center stage September 27 on Bite Club, a new Food Network show hosted by celebrity chef, Tyler ... read more

With Foxtown and Spur 16, Mequon juggles two massive projects that will transform the city

Mequon: where the magic happens…said no one ever. But seriously, it is. With new developments in the Mequon Town Center and surrounding read more

If Only Her Voice Could Change The Way The Mets Play

Who is Marysol Castro? If you’ve seen a Mets game recently, you probably heard Castro’s voice. This former English teacher and TV ... read more

One Must Respect The Game’: French Open Bans Serena Williams’ Catsuit

The men who run the French Open haven’t embraced the trend toward ditching dress codes. Au contraire…superstar Serena Williams’ black ... read more

Female big-wave surfers prepare to compete on Mavericks’s 50-foot waves for the first time.

Women break the corporate glass ceiling, now women surfers get their chance. A competition at the challenging Mavericks, gives top ... read more

Five local chefs to be featured on new Food Network show with Tyler Florence

Milwaukee’s restaurant scene takes center stage September 27 on Bite Club, a new Food Network show hosted by celebrity chef, Tyler ... read more

The Marines Didn’t Think Women Belonged in the Infantry. She’s Proving Them Wrong.

I don’t know but I’ve been told… My platoon leader’s good as gold. Don’t believe what my eyes see… This Commander is a SHE! The read more

How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator (Even if You Hate Conflict)

Do you dread asking for a raise or talking about salary with a potential employer? You aren’t alone. Studies show women are often ... read more

The 200 Greatest Songs By 21st Century Women+

Kuddos to NPR for their project “Turning the Tables” which celebrates the 200 Greatest Songs by 20th Century Women. NPR reached out to ... read more

In France, Catcalling Is Now Illegal

Be sure to include Paris, Toulouse, and any other French cities in your vacation plans. The Conseil d’Etat, the highest legal authority read more

Popular Third Ward restaurant added as newest tenant for Mequon Public Market

Local chef extraordinaire Karen Bell’s modern take on the neighborhood butcher shop will open a second location in the new 10,000 ... read more

She Gave Millions to Artists Without Credit. Until Now.

For the past 22 years, an anonymous donor granted $5.5 million to a select group of women artists over the age of 40. Philanthropist ... read more

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance Co. is Being Sued for “Intentionally Copying” Another’s Trademark

It’s not easy being Kim Kardashian. The pop culture icon faces another lawsuit, this time it’s a trademark infringement case against ... read more

The Latest Female CEO in the Fortune 500 Breaks a New Barrier

Beth Ford broke the buttery glass ceiling. Ford was recently named President/CEO of Land O Lakes, a $14 billion, Fortune 500 company. ... read more

Overlooked No More: Bette Nesmith Graham, Who Invented Liquid Paper

A nasty boss + a smart, inventive artist/secretary = the invention of Liquid Paper. Overlooked, a NY Times initiative to share ... read more

Here’s why the legality of Bird scooters is up for debate

The City of Milwaukee is suing Bird Rides, Inc. over the legality of Bird Scooters. According to the suit, the scooters don’t meet the ... read more

Moxie owners to open new Italian pizzeria in Whitefish Bay

Look out Whitefish Bay…here comes Trouble! Trouble & Sons, a casually elegant, family friendly, Italian restaurant by the wife and wife read more

Why Milwaukee Is the Midwest’s Coolest (and Most Underrated) City

Those of us lucky enough to live in Milwaukee love our city but it’s nice to get some love and attention from an outsider. It’s even ... read more

Financial World’s A-List Could Take Hollywood’s Cue on Inclusion

With Hollywood ramping up its efforts at inclusivity and diversity thanks to mavericks like Francis McDormand pushing for inclusion ... read more

Meet the new owner of MilwaukeeHome, Steph Davies

Milwaukee Home has a home thanks to Steph Davies. Davies owns The Waxwing, the shop that has featured Milwaukee Home products since ... read more

Why Spanx’s Billionaire CEO Drives Aimlessly for an Hour Every Morning

Ever feel like you need time alone to think? Take a page out of Spanx CEO Sara Blakely’s book and hit the road…literally. Blakely, a ... read more

Coachella doesn’t want its musicians playing any other North American music festivals

Coachella has an extensive radius clause which prohibits artists from playing other North American festivals. Soul’d Out Productions is read more

Study: male political reporters retweet other dudes 3 times more than their female colleagues

Women are gaining power and prestige in every field. But beltway journalism is still an insular boys club according to a recent survey ... read more

Women of Influence Give Themselves, Others Some Career Advice

Don’t focus on failure. Take more risks. Spend time with your grandparents. These words of wisdom are from some of the most ... read more

The entire justice system here is run by black women. It’s not a diversity experiment. They do things differently.

Most municipal courts are run by white men, but in South Fulton Georgia, Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers leads a team of all black ... read more

Stone Brewing Files Injunction to Block MillerCoors from Selling Keystone Products

A California craft brewery is suing MillerCoors to prevent them from selling Keystone products. Stone Brewing, one of the 10 biggest ... read more

The World’s Biggest Advertiser Wants Women to Direct 50% of Its Ads by 2023

The world’s biggest advertiser is pledging to establish more gender equality behind the scenes. Procter & Gamble (PG, +0.53%), which read more

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America’s Biggest Companies

“There is a cultural perception that if you’re a good mother, you’re so dedicated to your children that you couldn’t possibly be that ... read more

9 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Part of setting up a long-term plan is knowing where the problem spots are. One must learn which business philosophies work better for ... read more

‘I Don’t Feel Superhuman. I Feel Like a Mom Who Has a Career.’

Rebecca Slaughter doesn’t consider herself a superwoman, just a working mom. But when Slaughter arrives at her job as an FTC business ... read more

Is Television Ready for Angry Women?

Writer/Producer/Director Marti Noxon has an impressive Hollywood resume and a penchant for female-driven stories. Noxon’s latest TV ... read more

More women are running, but will they win?

The mid-term elections are coming and the stakes are higher than ever for women. There are 84 women currently in Congress. But, that ... read more

City of Milwaukee trying to address gender pay gap by banning salary history questions

Milwaukee, along with several other cities, is considering a ban on salary history questions because basing a new hire's starting ... read more

Madison’s CocoVaa Chocolatier Wins 17 International Awards

Move over, Oscars. There are Academy Awards for Chocolate and Vata Edari, founder of Madison’s CocoVaa Chocolatier, won 17 of them. ... read more

8 fierce female business owners

Here are eight fierce female business owners in Milwaukee. There are plenty of amazing lady bosses in Milwaukee - leaders, doers, ... read more

How This Teenager Landed a Met Gala Dress Design Gig

It's no surprise to anyone who knows Katya Ekimian that this 19-year-old student at Parson's School of Design was asked to create a Met read more

Doris Burke Has Game

Life imitated art for sports broadcaster Doris Burke. In 2016, the popular video game NBA2K featured Burke as a NBA analyst. Then in ... read more

Beans & Barley to open second location, in Mequon

Mequon real estate developer and former She Stands Tall speaker Cindy Schaffer's new project, Spur 16, announced new tenants for the ... read more

Can You Build a Nation With 100% Gender Equality?

Does 100% gender equality exist in any country? Bloomberg created an interactive, digital flowchart in the quest to create a totally ... read more

The 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2018

We hope you had a happy Mother's Day yesterday - whether you were celebrating or remembering an important woman or being celebrated. ... read more

Coming home: Melissa Thornton of MilwaukeeHome

When Melissa Thornton moved back to Milwaukee in 2011, she was amazed at how vibrant our community had become in only five years. ... read more

Wisconsin now waiving LLC fee for student entrepreneurs

Do you know a college student interested in starting her own business? If so, she can now create a Wisconsin limited liability company ... read more

The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John

Women are succeeding in male dominated fields, but we still have a long way to go. According to the New York Times' Glass Ceiling ... read more

The Nurse Who Took a Very Different Route to 2nd Place in the Boston Marathon

Never running more than 100 miles a week, fitting runs in before and after 10-hour hospital shifts, taking a bike trip just before the ... read more

Senate allows babies in chamber despite concerns from older, male senators

Newborn Maile Pearl Duckworth bridged the Senate’s political gap. Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth gave birth April 9th and then ... read more

The Remarkable Life of Vel Phillips

Milwaukee lost a trailblazer in local and state politics with the recent passing of 94-year-old Vel Phillips. Phillips’ countless ... read more

How Far Can Becky Hammon Go in the N.B.A.?

Becky Hammon made history as the first, full-time, female coach in the NBA. As this former WNBA star makes her mark on the coaching ... read more

GenoPalate closes on seed funding round

It's in her DNA. Sherry Zhang, local entrepreneur and owner of GenoPalate, a company that performs DNA analyses to provide personalized read more

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Latest Victory for Women

When Wisconsin voters elected Rebecca Dallet to the state’s supreme court, they gave the Badger state the honor of having the highest ... read more

They’re Back! Murphy Brown and Cagney & Lacey Return to the Small Screen in the #MeToo Era

Prime time TV reboots are all the rage and two beloved small screen female-focused shows are in the works. In their original forms, ... read more

These Billion-Dollar Women Are Changing The Face of Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, the definition of a unicorn is a start-up company valued at over $1 billion. Unsurprisingly, three elusive unicorns ... read more

What Assembly Bill 773 Means for Business Owners

A new Wisconsin law in effect this summer will shorten time limits for bringing certain claims and narrow the scope of discovery, both ... read more

Researchers Asked Kids to ‘Draw a Scientist.’ Here’s What They Came Up With

If perception is reality, things are looking up for women in science, according to children. Between 1966-1977, 1% of children, when ... read more

10 Women Over 50 Who Prove It’s Never Too Late to Change the World

We all know women make a difference but women over 50 are literally changing the world. Meet 58-year-old Kimberle Crenshaw, a leading ... read more

Omaha man ‘liked’ a tweet, and then he lost his dream job

Roy Jones’ story is a social media cautionary tale. Jones, a Marriott customer service representative, innocently, possibly ... read more

The Baaree beer garden and community space is coming to The Cheel

Plan to belly up to the Baaree this summer. The Baaree at The Cheel is yet another reason to visit Thiensville’s beloved Nepalese ... read more

Living life musically: A conversation with the MSO’s Megumi Kanda

Meet Megumi Kanda, principal trombone player for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the only woman to hold that position at a major ... read more

Facebook Defends Its Use Of Secret Courts To Handle Sexual Harassment Cases

Companies like Microsoft and Facebook are grappling with their policies related to employee claims of workplace sexual harassment. ... read more

Former Cabinet secretary Donna Shalala to run for Congress in Miami

Remember the name Donna Shalala? Former Chancellor of University of Wisconsin - Madison and President Clinton’s former Secretary of ... read more

Puerto Rico Se Transforma

Two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, writer Mariel Cruz packed two suit cases with much-needed supplies including ... read more

These are the 10 best and worst states for women

Women in Minnesota, Massachusetts and Vermont have it better than those in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma, at least ... read more

Milwaukee woman starts body-positive clothing line for dancers

What does a dancer do who can’t find a leotard that makes her feel confident? She makes her own! Milwaukee dancer, Jade Charon, ... read more

Remarkable Women We Overlooked in Our Obituaries

Kuddos to the New York Times for recognizing and fixing a gender issue in their obituary archives. Since 1851, The Times published ... read more

Oscar contender ‘Shape of Water’ accused of ripping off 1969 play

Days before winning the Best Picture Oscar, “The Shape Of Water” was hit with a plagiarism lawsuit. David Zindel filed the suit ... read more

Report: Milwaukee among top 20 cities for women in tech

For local women in technology, there’s good news and bad news. Good news: Milwaukee made SmartAsset’s list of top 20 cities. Bad news: ... read more

Refinery29 Celebrates 20 Black Women You Need To Know Right Now

Make room, Michelle Obama and Oprah. Refinery 29’s profile of 20 Black Women You Need to Know Right Now includes food blogger Angela ... read more

A Ruling Over Embedded Tweets Could Change Online Publishing

On a Hamptons sidewalk, guy with a cell phone, Justin Goldman, sees New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Celtics general ... read more

Brookfield to open its first human milk dispensary

Got Breastmilk? MD Custom RX, a new business in Brookfield, does and is selling it to parents with a doctor’s prescription. The ... read more

If Only Quoting Women Were Enough

Female voices are underrepresented in news stories 3 to 1. That means fewer women are quoted as authorities on subjects ranging from ... read more

You Probably Purchased Used Beauty Products Posing as New from Ulta, Per New Lawsuit

Current and former Ulta employees took to Twitter to reveal a disturbing company secret—used and returned products were cleaned up, ... read more

Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?

Women’s networking events and conferences are more popular than ever. When groups of women come together to share ideas, it’s a ... read more

The Ava Effect

Ava DuVernay is shattering Hollywood barriers one movie at a time. The 45-year-old is the first African-American woman to direct a $100 read more

TheSkimm Is Launching a New No-B.S. Career Advice Podcast

Can’t get enough of theSkimm? Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, cofounders and CEOs of the popular news service that summarizes and ... read more

How We’ll Win: The Visionaries

What do war Hero/Senator Tammy Duckworth, #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke, writer/activist Lena Waithe and Facebook executive ... read more

For Breastfeeding Moms, A Difficult Choice: Work Or Pump?

New moms and their employers often face a challenge: making arrangements for moms to pump breast milk at work. Legal protections for ... read more

The 2018 Finalists For The PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize For Debut Fiction Are All Women For The First Time Ever

Read any good books lately? PEN America has. This organization gives out the Bingham prize, a literary award for best debut fiction and read more

I am not a symbol, I am an activist’: the untold story of Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King was more than the wife of beloved civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. An activist in her own right, pushing ... read more

Fonts, Colors, Layouts Impact Whether Consumers Will Buy from Your Website

Business owners spend big money on their websites. The good news is legal protections for the design and look of those websites may be ... read more

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shares Her #MeToo Moment at Sundance

Which celebrity drew the biggest crowd at the Sundance Film Festival? Hanks or Streep? Nope. Fans stood in line for hours to hear ... read more

Can Hollywood Fix Its Harrassment Problem While Celebrating Itself?

Which celebrity drew the biggest crowd at the Sundance Film Festival? Hanks or Streep? Nope. Fans stood in line for hours to hear ... read more

Women would lose $4.6 billion in earned tips if the administration’s ‘tip stealing’ rule is finalized

Something to think about the next time you leave a tip: the Department of Labor proposed a rule letting business owners pocket ... read more

CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands, will place alert label on others

A reason to love CVS: the drug store chain banned photo manipulation on its cosmetics. To ensure that images are as realistic as ... read more

Ellen Pompeo, TV’s $20 Million Woman, Reveals Her Behind-the-Scenes Fight for “What I Deserve”

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is the highest paid woman in prime-time. The actress initially resisted taking the show, preferring to read more

Michelle Williams’ infuriating pay gap shows why it’s unfair to ask women to think of the greater good

Women do the right thing, men simply do their thing. The result: GLARING gender pay gap. Here’s an example: Actor Kevin Spacey was ... read more

18 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2018

Meredith Kopit-Levien, Maia Heymann, Keisha Lance Bottoms…if you haven’t heard of these amazing women, you will soon. Kopit-Levien, COO read more

The Number of Women in the Senate Will Hit an All-Time High of 22

A Woman’s Place is in the House…and the Senate. On January 3, this statement rang truer than ever when Minnesota’s Tina Smith joined 21 read more

Wonder women: how female action heroes will blast cinema screens in 2018

Sexual harassment accusations topped 2017’s headlines but bad ass girls ruled the box office with the success of Star Wars: The Last ... read more

This Moment Isn’t (Just) About Sex. It’s Really About Work.

Is sexual harassment in the workplace more about sex or work? We hope that speaking out against sexual harassment is the beginning of a read more

Jim Henson Co.’s new TV show to feature empowering female superheroes

Move over Spiderman and Batman, make way for a squad of female super heroes courtesy of the Jim Henson company. Inspired by the #MeToo ... read more

Elizabeth Banks Was a Frustrated Actress. Now She’s a Determined Mogul.

What’s an actress to do when she’s bored and frustrated by the lack of film projects for women? If she’s Elizabeth Banks, she starts a ... read more

Harley-Davidson doesn’t want brand confused with Affliction products

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery but Harley Davidson thinks otherwise. The motorcycle giant wants t-shirt company ... read more

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do.

Bad news: traditional sexual harassment training methods are ineffective. More bad news: they can backfire. Good news: there are new ... read more

Seventh Circuit: Chicago’s Public Nudity Ordinance Intact Despite Challenge

If Chicago winters won’t keep visitors covered, the city’s anti-nudity ordinance just might. When Sonoko Tagami got a ticket for baring read more

Bias, She Wrote

Hey, New York Times Bestseller list…meet Girl Power. In the 50’s and 60’s, the ratio of male to female authors on the list was 3 to 1. ... read more

The Republican tax bill’s small-business problem — most won’t benefit from the special new rate

The architects of the latest tax plan claim that small businesses will benefit, but experts question whether there are real tax ... read more

Peekaboos Ponytail Hats crowdfunding to bring production to U.S.

If you’ve ever worn a ponytail, you’ve undoubtedly experienced this: ponytails + hats = awkward bumps. Danica Lause decided to combat ... read more

Figure Skater Breaks Ice In Hijab

Meet Zahra Lahri. Lahri is training to compete in the 2022 Olympics. This figure skater is the first woman in her sport to wear a ... read more

Court of Appeals of Wisconsin Published Opinion

Opening a P.O.D, payment on death, bank account and designating a beneficiary is a simple way to transfer assets upon death without ... read more

Federal law enforcement has a woman problem

If you’ve been pulled over lately, chances are it’s been by a male cop. Law enforcement is still a male-dominated field, except in one ... read more

The Culture Is Changing, With Feminist Cheese

Cheese—with its “inherently feminine constitution” (after all “you can’t milk boys”)—is being lovingly crafted by women, and named for ... read more

Is it Legal to Link? Playboy is Taking BoingBoing to Court Over it

If you link to sites that include copyrighted material owned by someone else, watch out. Playboy recently filed a copyright ... read more

A Big Deal in Big Food, Irene Rosenfeld Retires From Mondelez

When you reach for an Oreo or Ritz Cracker, think of Irene Rosenfeld. As she retires as CEO of snack food manufacturer Mondelez ... read more

How the ‘Shalane Flanagan Effect’ Works

Shalane Flanagan, the world’s fastest woman might also be the nicest. Flanagan, the first American woman to win the New York City ... read more

She flipped off President Trump — and got fired from her government contracting job

Can you say “Double Standard?” Juli Briskman can. She’s the unidentifiable cyclist who flipped off 45’s motorcade and subsequently got ... read more

College-Savings Imbalance: Parents Put Aside More for Sons Than Daughters

We didn’t need another reason to blame our parents, but research indicates parents invest more in college savings for sons than ... read more

I’m 10. And I Want Girls to Raise Their Hands.

Alice Paul Tapper is a super hero who wears a sash instead of a cape. Tapper, a 10-year-old Girl Scout and daughter of journalist Jake ... read more

Forever 21 Sues Trademark “Bully” Adidas, Says “Enough is Enough”

Forever 21 effectively said, “Adidas, you don’t own stripes,” when the clothing company took on the athletic wear giant in a logo ... read more

Can ‘Experience Investing’ Help Female Entrepreneurs? The Co-Founder of Airbnb Thinks

The venture capital world is still a boys’ club. Only 8% of decision-making partners in the top 100 VC firms are women, which puts ... read more

‘The RBG Workout’: 84-Year-Old Justice Might Put You To Shame In The Gym

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an intellectual powerhouse on the U.S. Supreme Court but did you know she’s also a rock star in the gym? In a ... read more

Why Aren’t Paychecks Growing? A Burger-Joint Clause Offers a Clue

The term “lazy American” is a misnomer. Americans are working. In fact, we’re living with record low unemployment numbers. But for some read more

Research: Objective Performance Metrics Are Not Enough to Overcome Gender Bias

There’s bad news and good news about gender bias. A Harvard Business Review study shows when people were given only gender information ... read more

Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up

Why are women always exhausted? Two words: emotional labor. Women (and especially moms) handle virtually all the emotional labor in ... read more

Deere wins trademark lawsuit over its iconic green, yellow color combination

A Kentucky judge gave John Deere the green light to claim exclusive use of its iconic combination of yellow and green. In a recent ... read more

Freelancers Face a Bigger Gender Pay Gap and Most Don’t Even Know It

Female freelancers: want to make more money? Just ask! Research from billing website HoneyBook shows that women working as writers, ... read more

This Third-Grader’s Feminist Poem Is A Must-Read

Sugar and spice and everything nice? “Oh…hell no!” says one third grade girl in a bad ass, yet adorable way in her poem: The True ... read more

Judge Puts Lions Gate’s Trademark Suit in a Corner

Dirty Dancing fans have one less thing to worry about. You can say “Nobody puts baby in the corner” even in a commercial, without fear ... read more

What Sephora Knows About Women in Tech That Silicon Valley Doesn’t

We’ve come a long way. But in the tech industry, not so much. With one big, beautiful exception: Sephora. The make-up giant is hiring ... read more

PHOTOS: A 4-Year Mission To Present A New Vision Of Beauty

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc married her two passions: travel and photography. The results are inspiring. Noroc photographed ... read more

H&M Files Suit Against Wildfox, Claiming that its Own “Wildfox” Sweatshirt Isn’t Confusing

“You’re not suing me, I’m suing you!” said fashion retail giant H & M to small clothing company, Wildfox Couture. After H & M began ... read more

A Smart Breast Pump: Mothers Love It. VCs Don’t

“Breast is best but pumping is a pain,” say working moms everywhere. So Janica Alvarez created a better, smarter breast pump, but when ... read more

Savannah Guthrie Gets Up For Work At 3 AM — & She Still Puts In A Full Day As “Mom”

Savannah Guthrie wears multiple hats including Today Show co-anchor and bestselling children’s book author. But the hat Guthrie takes ... read more

Supreme Court Denies Louis Vuitton’s Appeal Over “Parody” Tote Bags

Underdog wins the battle of the bags. Louis Vuitton sued bag maker, MOB (My Other Bag) accusing MOB of trademark infringement and ... read more

Inspired or Frustrated, Women Go to Work for Themselves

Sick of dealing with the old boys' network? Had enough mansplaining and sexist corporate policies? Ready to say, "I'm done;” leave the ... read more

Mini Version of the High Line?

The Milwaukee RiverWalk is getting a Big Apple style more

These ‘Star Wars’ Heroines Are Getting Their Own Miniseries

The force is strong for these women!  read more

Venture Capital Firms With More Teenage Daughters Perform Better

It’s harder to be biased towards women while raising a more

Mothers Are Paid Less Than Fathers in Every State and at Every Education Level

Another angle on the gender wage gap–mothers earn less than more

We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs

Pitching your idea to a room full of venture capitalists is scary. The gender bias baked into their decision-making is more

‘Pink Tax’ forces women to pay more than men

Virtually identical products should cost the same. Why do women have to pay more? read more

With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

Bumble is the dating app that women have been waiting for. read more

TV Anchor Trolls Daily Mail by Repeatedly Wearing Same Blouse, Proves Important Point About Sexism

An Australian T.V. anchor did the unthinkable.  read more

The ‘Chicago Tribune’ did to Aaron Rogers what media outlets do to women all the time

Men tweet that Packers QB was dissed (newsflash–welcome to our world).  read more

Infographic: Unlocking the Power of Gender Equality

The gender pay gap in pictures.  read more

Number of Women Who Lead Nations Remains Stagnant

There are 193 countries in the world–only 16 are lead by women.  read more

Here’s How Long It Will Take For Each State to Give Equal Pay

State by state analysis–Florida (21 years) to Wyoming (136 years)–of years until the wage gap is closed. read more

What Happened When A Man Signed Work Emails Using A Female Name For 2 Weeks

A Male co-worker walked a mile in his female co-worker’s shoes. Guess how he was treated.  read more

The Big Salary Reveal: 12 Real People discover What the Pay Gap Looks Like

Same job, similar experience, but pay, not so much.  read more

Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women

More women, smarter group. Enough said. read more

More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having ‘Way Too Much Fun’ to Retire

Women, especially those over “retirement age,” just wanna have fun-at work. read more

Gloria Steinem: Women Have ‘Chick Flicks.’ What About Men?

Men do have a category of their own. Think “Saving Private Ryan” and Westerns. read more

10 College Majors Where Women Earn More than Men 

Is your major on the list?  read more

The four qualities of a perfect cold email, according to the Birchbox CEO

Rookie professionals may have to take shots in the dark. The cold email can be a useful tool for success, if you get it right. read more

Marquette grad sticks it with magnetic false eyelashes invention

We had to try them for ourselves! Call or email Sarah for our review.  read more

6 U.S. Cities to Watch in 2017

We aren’t surprised MKE made the list. Who can resist shopping in our Historic Third Ward or jammin’ out at Summer Fest? Add our ... read more

Her Memory Fading, Paula Wolfert Fights Back With Food

With the help of a brain boosting diet and devoted friends, she is telling her story and sharing her world famous recipes.  read more

This Woman Knows How to Take Your Money

Helping people raise their hands then in hairy chest contests now in million dollar charity auctions. read more

What Happens When Women Legislate

No more pink tax. No more co-pay on birth control. No gender pay gap. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? read more

The New Yorker Cover That’s Being Replicated By Women Surgeons Across The World

Female surgeons #ILookLikeASurgeon social media challenge is catching on thanks to an endocrine surgeon at the University of ... read more

She Was the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon. 50 Years Later, She’s Back

She conned her way in to run Boston Marathon in 1967–the first female runner–but celebrated 50 years later when she will run the 26.2 ... read more

At 91, Ella Brennan Still Feeds (and Leads) New Orleans

The work of this spirited business woman transformed The Big Easy. read more

Women-Run Hedge Funds Are Beating the Rest

It turns out that women are outperforming men, again.  read more

Nevertheless, Her Majesty Persisted

Queen Victoria was one of the first women to Have it All: a husband, nine children, and a demanding job leading an empire. read more

Is This Store The Best-Kept Secret In Fashion?

You won’t believe the prices of the designer clothes at this hidden store.  read more

Which Badass Woman In History Are You?

Take this quiz to find out! (Stephanie is Ruth Bader Ginsburg!)  read more

8 Scientific Breakthroughs You Didn’t Know Were Made By Women

Hidden women in STEM–including inventions related to computer programming, wifi, and the nerve growth factor. read more

Balancing Act: Three sisters are Zander Press’ fourth generation owners

Only 3% of family-owned businesses make it to the fourth generation. These sisters talk family legacy, community, and plans for the ... read more

20 Best Sites for Female Entrepreneurs 

From networking to helpful tutorials, check out this list of the most helpful websites for women in business. read more

How I Built This — Spanx: Sara Blakely

Hear Sara Blakely discuss her journey to develop everyone’s favorite undergarment-which started in the Neiman Marcus headquarters ... read more

Digging Deeper: Adoption in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin lawmaker wants to make the in-state adoption process a lot easier on the birth-mother.  read more

A Travel Ban’s Foe: A Young Firebrand and Her Pro Bono Brigade

The founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project works in her socks, curses like a sailor, and loves a good lawsuit.  read more

What’s Inside A ‘Derby Pie’? Maybe A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

Don’t serve “Derby-Pie” unless you are ready to fight a trademark infringement lawsuit brought by a determined family.  read more

How this mom turned $775 into a $65 million company in only 5 years

The Cambridge Satchel Company startup kit: an intuitive woman, her mom, a free online course, a couple of cereal boxes, and a whole lot read more

Robots on wheels may soon deliver takeout to Madison humans

The passage of the “R2-D2 bill” could legalize and regulate the use of personal delivery drivers, or PDDs. You may have to yield to ... read more

Irish butter dispute takes new turn with Kerrygold lawsuit

Is Irishgold’s butter substantially similar to Kerrygold’s butter? You decide–before the U.S.District Court for the Eastern District of read more

In Wisconsin, selling cookies can land you in jail

Home bakers can’t legally sell their treats in just two states, including Wisconsin. They lobbied and are now challenging the ... read more

Women’s rights country by country – interactive

Interactive diagram breaking down laws affecting women’s rights (including domestic violence, property, and harassment) by country. read more

Chadbourne Litigator Suing Firm is Expelled

Female partner sues firm in gender discrimination class action for $100 million. Spoiler alert–she’s not working at the firm any ... read more

Madison Chocolatier CocoVaa is sued by Mars for trademark infringement

Are CocoVaa chocolates confusingly similar to CocoVia supplements? A Virginia federal court will decide.  read more

The Rapist’s Loophole: Marriage

Multiple countries condone husbands’ violent acts against their wives with laws making marital rape expressly legal (10 countries) or ... read more

Drink Wisconsinbly pub co-owners allege they’ve been frozen out

Local partners duel over control of the bar and access to records. read more

Sexual Harassment Claims Against a ‘SHE-E.O.’

Employee of Thinx, a company that makes period underwear, sued claiming her boss’s boundary-breaking workplace motto went to far (e.g., read more

Consumer Review Fairness Act Taking Effect

Go ahead, post a negative review online. The form terms of service can’t stop you. read more

Pilot project to test proposed business court

Starting in July, Wisconsin will test a dedicated business court in Waukesha, Door, Outagamie, and Brown counties (among others) in the read more

Federal Judge goes out on a ‘lonely limb’ and blocks Colorado town’s ban on topless women

Toplessness is now legal for all in Fort Collins.  read more

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