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Our Attorneys use their experiences and expertise to educate clients, colleagues, and the community regarding recent legal and business updates.

Legal Updates

B Corporations: Do Good and Do Well

What is a B corporation? A benefit corporation is a new type of entity created by the Wisconsin legislature to allow for-profit businesses to adopt a corporate structure that requires consideration of the public good as well as profits. ... read more

Demand more of your financial adviser, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Attorney Stephanie Melnick sums up the consequences of President Trump’s decision to delay the implementation of the Fiduciary Rule and offers advice on what you can do to protect your investments in the mean time.  read more

Researching Financial Advisors and Investments at Home

Finding the right investment advisor and understanding your investments is daunting. For novice investors or people who want to do more due diligence before investing, we’ve put together simple explanations and tips to help you better understand read more

The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule

A new Department of Labor (DOL) rule requires financial professionals advising retirement savers to advance their clients’ best interests above their own profits. Known as the Fiduciary Rule, the White House Council of Economic Advisors ... read more

Essential Contract Principles

Business owners and managers encounter contracts—varying in type, purpose, and complexity—daily. The finer points of how contracts are formed, what the essential provisions are, and when a breach excuses performance are legal questions; but, the read more

Practice the Mindful Use of Email, Wisconsin Lawyer

Careful email practices can save business owners time, money, and inbox space. Utilize these tips offered by Attorney Stephanie Melnick to ensure your company practices the mindful use of email. read more

April 2017 Newsletter

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January 2017 Newsletter

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