Website Intellectual Property Notice

$ 80.00

Also Known As: IP Notice, Copyright and Trademark Notice

Who Needs This: You operate a website, right? If you also claim copyrights to pictures, articles, blog posts, videos, recordings, and any other published work and/or claim ownership of trademarks (words, designs, slogans, logos, and more), you need this. And particularly if you operate a website and allow users to upload content (pictures, videos, articles), a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)Notice is the first step to protecting yourself from potential liability under the DMCA.

Description: Your copyrights and trademarks are valuable. So, tell your website visitors what’s what with your IP with this straightforward notice. Use it as an add on to your existing website terms and conditions or make it a separate web page.

Heads Up: The Intellectual Property Notice is included in the Website Terms and Conditions and Website Terms of Sale templates.