Creative Services Kit

$ 600.00

Who Needs This: Whether you’re venturing out on your own or taking on some gigs on the side, lock the essentials in your workflow. Don’t learn what you’re missing the hard way!

What’s Included: Creative services agreement, talent release, NDA, website terms and conditions for seller of goods, and privacy policy

Description: The essentials for creative or design service businesses (for example, website design, graphic design, marketing, or artistic services) including:

  • Creative services agreement— cover the essentials, deliverables, timeline, price, and changes. Plus, terms that are just important and potentially damaging when ignored including, ownership of the deliverables and other intellectual property (trademark and copyright considerations), how to terminate the agreement, and the out-of-your-control what ifs (yep, including a pandemic).
  • Talent release—if you’re using photos, recordings, video clips, or any media featuring other people, you need their permission.
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)—if you’re exploring any business relationship, information will be exchanged. Protect the information you get and give with this mutual NDA.
  • Website terms and conditions— website essentials to clearly define who can use your website, for what purposes, and that all the content is yours
  • Privacy policy—required for businesses that collect personal information (yes, including names and email addresses) from website visitors