Consignment Terms of Sale

$ 200.00

You’re allowing someone else to sell your goods. Take the leap of faith with clear written terms to back it up. This template covers the following and more:

  • Whether the store is the exclusive outlet of your products
  • Whether returns are accepted
  • What happens if a product is lost or damaged
  • What’s your cut of the sale price
  • What’s the store’s commission
  • How must the store promote your products
  • How, when, and who can terminate the agreement
  • How to handle circumstances beyond your control (thanks for the lesson, 2020)

All our templates are attorney-drafted (by attorneys who know small businesses and the issues they face), immediately downloadable in Word, include in-document directions and separate instructions that walk you through how to customize the template and what the legal terms mean, and are written in easy-to-understand language with minimal jargon.

Who Needs This: Makers, artists, and anyone else who sells goods, products, or things on consignment (a.k.a. you only get paid when the product sells).

Heads Up: Selling goods but not on consignment, find other goods-related contracts here and here.