Cease and Desist Letter for Trademarks

$ 200.00

Someone is selling t-shirts with your logo front and center. A competitor is using a variation of your word mark as its business’s name. A website mentions you or your business in a way that implies you’re connected or related, but you’re not. Demand they knock it off firmly but politely. This template includes:

  • Declaration that you own a specific trademark
  • Description of how they used your trademark without permission
  • Confirmation that you did not authorize your trademark to be used
  • Instructions, among nine options, for what they must do to cure the infringement
  • Warning about what might happen if they ignore your letter

All our templates are attorney-drafted (by attorneys who know small businesses and the issues they face), immediately downloadable in Word, include in-document directions and separate instructions that walk you through how to customize the template and what the legal terms mean, and are written in easy-to-understand language with minimal jargon.

Who Needs This: If you own a trademark (word mark, logo) and need to stop an infringer in its tracks, a cease and desist letter is step one.