Business to Business Goods Kit

$ 800.00

What’s Included: Website terms of sale goods, wholesale agreement, consignment agreement, sale agreement for custom goods, sale agreement for goods, and privacy policy

Description: Your in-person and online sales are strong. Stores or galleries are knocking and your customers want more! Time for the core B to B contracts so your business is protected while you grow.

  • Website terms of sale goods—website essentials to make your shipping, returns, and order policies known and protect all your intellectual property
  • Privacy policy—required for businesses that collect personal information (yes, including names and email addresses) from website visitors
  • Wholesale agreement—retailers are buying your products for resale. Now agree on terms in advance and in writing.
  • Consignment agreement—you’re entrusting the sale of your goods to someone else. That screams for clear written terms to define who’s doing what, when, and for how much.
  • Sale agreement for custom goods—made-to-order goods can be tricky. Avoid misunderstandings with your customers and define the terms up front.
  • Sale agreement for goods—define the big three—price, payment terms, and returns, and then some. An essential contract whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses.