Wisconsin Business Start Up Kit

$ 600.00

What’s Included: Multi-member operating agreement, NDA, confidentiality agreement, website terms and conditions, and privacy policy

Description: You’ve lined up your co-founder, agreed on The Idea, and are ready for next steps. Start with this kit and get your house in order, including defining the all-important co-founders’ relationship and day-to-day business management with the following:

  • Multi-member operating agreement—defines how you and your partner will run the business, including what happens if an owner wants out, a dispute emerges, or an owner becomes disabled.
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)—if you’re exploring any business relationship, information will be exchanged. Protect the information you get and give with this mutual NDA.
  • Confidentiality agreement—prohibits an entity’s employees, partners, service providers etc. from sharing your business’s private information, including on social media.
  • Website terms and conditions— website essentials to clearly define who can use your website, for what purposes, and that all the content is yours
  • Privacy policy—required for businesses that collect personal information (yes, including names and email addresses) from website visitors