She Stands Tall

“Don’t mistake politeness for lack of strength.” —U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor

Ask a woman how she got from there to here in the work world and you’ll rarely find a straight line. Women’s work-related struggles are different, but common threads exist including lower pay (a woman earns only 79% of what a man earns) and slower promotion rates. Still (or maybe because), in 2015, over 30 percent of U.S. businesses were owned by women—bringing in $1.6 trillion in revenue and employing over 8 million people combined. By 2018, 1 in 3 new jobs will be generated by women-owned businesses.

Melnick & Melnick, S.C., a law firm and woman-owned business, created this community to support women business owners and encourage their personal growth and development. We share stories, advice, and resources to help women both in and out of the workplace. 

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She Stands Tall Speaker Series

Melnick & Melnick, S.C. has partnered with The Ruby Tap to bring you the She Stands Tall Speaker Series. Our series features local business women sharing their stories in an effort to offer advice and bolster support for other professional women in the Milwaukee area. Click here to learn more about upcoming events.

Our inaugural event featuring Brooke & Sarah, owners of The Ruby Tap.