If you own a business, you’ve selected a trademark: a word, symbol, design, slogan or some combination used to identify and distinguish your goods and services from others. To better protect the trademark from misuse by others, you can register the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark registration is appropriate for businesses selling goods or providing services outside of Wisconsin (including exclusively online businesses) with an interest in either growing their brands or finally protecting their logos after several years in business.


Benefits of Trademark Registration

When applying to register a trademark, you’re asking the USPTO to recognize your exclusive right to use the trademark. Registration benefits include:

  • Nationwide status as the owner of the trademark;
  • Ownership of a valuable asset that can be valued if selling your business; and
  • Advantages in court proceedings if you need to enforce your trademark rights.

Trademark Services

  • Analyzing and advising clients concerning U.S. trademark clearance searches;
  • Filing trademark applications;
  • Responding to Office Actions;
  • Securing, maintaining and enforcing registrations;
  • Filing Statements of Use;
  • Post-registration maintenance of trademark registrations;
  • Trademark licensing;
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings, including opposition and cancellation proceedings;
  • Negotiating co-existence and concurrent use agreements;
  • Representing clients in resolution of trademark disputes; and
  • Advising clients regarding copyright issues, including registering copyrights with the US Copyright Office.

Trademark Clearance: $500

Naming a new product line? We can help identify competing brands that may take issue with the names on your shortlist. The flat fee includes:

  • Receipt of a comprehensive trademark search report
  • Attorney’s review and analysis of the trademark search report
  • Up to 60-minute consultation with an Attorney to discuss
  • If you choose to move forward and apply to register a trademark, we’ll apply the $500 to the Trademark Application Filing flat fee (see below)

Trademark Application Filing: $1,500

Ready to register your mark? We'll work with you to take your brand to the next level efficiently and cost-effectively. The flat fee includes:

  • Provide initial consultation regarding your trademark
  • Contract with third party vendor to perform initial trademark search
  • Provide you with third party vendor’s report on your trademark
  • Review third party vendor’s report on your trademark
  • Draft and file trademark application for one mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Respond to non-substantive inquiries from the trademark examiner

I am so grateful for the expertise and counsel provided by Melnick & Melnick, S.C. when it came to helping me obtain my Trademarks. I attempted to navigate this process on my own with an online service and apparently ended up with something quite useless to what I actually do in business. This time, I was able to pay for exactly what I needed and the entire process was managed for me.

– Jamie Shibley, owner of The Expressory