Flat Fees

Our flat fees take the guesswork out of budgeting. We’ve selected all-inclusive fees for our most-requested contracts, analysis, and dispute resolution techniques. Never heard of a flat fee for legal before? You’re not alone. When we say, “flat fee,” we mean it. For every contract or service listed below, all work related to the matter or contract is included such as contract drafting and revisions, discussions with an attorney, correspondence with third parties. Join us in the new legal frontier. We think you’ll like it here.


Entity Formation

Figuring out how to organize your business is one of the most important considerations for a business owner. We’ll discuss your goals and identify options tailored to your business. We will take care of necessary administrative filings as well as draft the documents, from simple to complex, to get your business up and running (starting at $450).

  • Single Member Limited Liability Company
  • Multi Member Limited Liability Company
  • Corporation
  • Nonstock Corporation
  • Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership

Customized Contract Drafting

Detailed, thoughtful contracts help your business run smoothly. We’ll work with you to draft and customize a contract for your specific needs, and for budget-friendly all-inclusive flat fee. We’ll identify issues, find solutions, and deliver a contract you can use over and over again.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Contract review can be expensive and unpredictable. That’s why we offer flat fees for contract review services often requested by small business owners. For a one-time fee, we’ll read the proposed contract, identify issues, discuss with you, and even negotiate terms and propose language with the other side. Our fees vary based on the length and complexity of the contract at issue. Need to update an old contract? We’ll do that, too, and for a flat fee.

  • Contracts (starting at $1,000 for under 10 pages)
  • Commercial Leases (starting at $2,000 for under 20 pages)
  • Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (starting at $5,000)


Dispute Resolution

People disagree. It’s bound to happen. Whether your landlord is causing you headaches, or a customer is refusing payment for a service, you may need help resolving the matter quickly, efficiently, and with an eye toward how to protect you from litigation. We provide all-inclusive flat fees for disputes between our clients and landlords, customers, employees, and competitors.