Our Services

We’ll say it—we hate the billable hour. A model that discourages you from asking for help makes no sense.  And what’s more, we know you hate hourly billing, too—it’s unpredictable and not budget-friendly, neither of which work for small businesses. So, we ditched it. The old way doesn’t work for small business, so we found a new way. And the new way applies to most of our services:

  • Trademark Registration—what is a trademark, why register it, how does registration work, and what are the risks of not registering.
  • Contracts Galore—partnership agreements, terms of sale (for goods or services, sold online or not), wholesale agreements, consignment agreements, purchase agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, privacy policies, consulting agreements, licensing agreements, creative services agreements, commercial leases, and more. Find a template in our Contract Store to get you started or reach out to talk about a contract customized for your business—and yes, you guessed it, for an all-inclusive flat fee.
  • Dispute Resolution—as hard as we try to avoid them, disagreements are part of doing business. We’ll help you resolve them, short of litigation whenever possible. But know, when litigation is necessary, we have the experience and knowledge to go there strategically, keeping in mind your goals and budget.

Bring your ideas, challenges, and questions to us. We’ll help you solve the puzzle, walk through options, and decide how to get you from here to there legally, and at an all-inclusive (yep, that means calls and emails, too) fixed monthly fee or project-based flat fee. Budget-friendly and predictable—just how we like it. Sounds different from the lawyers you’ve worked with before? We hope so.


Larger businesses have easy access to legal advice and support. Why shouldn’t small business have it, too? With our Grow Subscriptions, you’ll add an attorney to your team at a fixed and transparent monthly fee. The most popular options are:

  • Fern $100/month call anytime. We mean it. Don’t stop and think about whether your call is worth paying a lawyer’s hourly fee, just call. (Remember buh bye, billable hour.) And we’ll check in monthly to find out what’s giving you heartburn, what’s working, and what’s on the horizon. Cancel at any time.
  • Ivy $600/month for more access and services, including all calls and emails, unlimited revisions to medium-length contracts (10 pages or less), and one customized contract upon enrollment. (Three-month minimum commitment required.)
  • Orchid $1250/month for all calls and emails, unlimited revisions to longer contracts (35 pages or less), customized contract or trademark registration application included upon enrollment and again after six months. (Six-month minimum commitment required.)

Switch between Grow Subscriptions as your needs change. And we’ll only perform additional services if you approve them in advance. We promise.