“Practice the Mindful Use of Email,” Wisconsin Lawyer
Careful email practices can save business owners time, money, and inbox space. Utilize these tips offered by Attorney Stephanie Melnick to ensure your company practices the mindful use of email. Read more.

“Demand more of your financial adviser,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Attorney Stephanie Melnick sums up the consequences of President Trump’s decision to delay the implementation of the Fiduciary Rule and offers advice on what you can do to protect your investments in the mean time. Read more.

April 2017 Newsletter

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Asked & Answered: Essential Contract Principles
Contracts can be complicated and precarious. We’ve put together a list of fundamental principles to help you avoid pitfalls baked into drafting and negotiating contracts. Think of this as the yellow caution sign for contracts.

Allegations of Fraudulent Valuations: Cautionary Tale for Investors
A local investment fund is under FBI investigation related to allegations of systemic overvaluation of the fund’s assets (rare gems and minerals). Learn what to watch for and what to ask the people advising you–even if investing in precious stones isn’t your thing.

Melnick & Melnick, S.C. is Partnering with Enterprising Women
We dedicated some of’s online real estate to empowering women. New content related to news, law and policy, inspiration, and community events is posted weekly. We aim to satisfy your curiosity and tickle your funny bone.

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January 2017 Newsletter

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Asked & Answered: The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule
The Fiduciary Rule requires financial professionals to act in clients’ best interests when advising them about retirement accounts. Learn how the rule will affect you, whether you’re saving for retirement, growing a business, or working in the financial industry, before it’s implemented in April.

Case Study: Conflicts of Interest in Action
Brokers are required to disclose outside business activities to their employers. According to reporting by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Baird broker failed to divulge his ties to multiple rundown City of Milwaukee rental properties creating a conflict for Baird, which manages $38 million for the city.

Resolve to Protect Your Business in 2017
Consider these doable ways to safeguard your business and decide to cross them off your to-do list in 2017. Quick tip: put it in writing.

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