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Cross legal off your list. We'll draft the contracts that need doing or redoing (services agreement, operating agreement, website terms and conditions, licensing agreement etc.) and/or register your name, logo, or slogan as a trademark plus provide continuing legal advice, all for a fixed monthly fee. 


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Tackle your legal to do list and get business-related legal advice, all for a set monthly fee.

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Our Orchid Legal Subscription is the right choice for businesses that need legal services now plus access to ongoing to legal advice and contract review. if that's too much for you now or if you'd like a more inclusive legal solution, we have other legal subscriptions to meet your needs.  


The legal support and expertise you need to help grow your business, but without breaking the bank:  

  • Legal Business Review
  • Monthly legal check in & planning
  • Review of contracts 3 page or less
  • Initial 3-month commitment, then cancel anytime


Add our attorneys to your team for a fixed monthly fee. We'll handle the legal, no clocks and no surprises: 

  • Legal business Review
  • Monthly legal check in & planning
  • Unlimited phone calls and emails
  • Contract drafting, revising, and negotiating
  • Trademark registration and maintenance
  • Copyright registration
  • Legal research

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"We love the new subscription model because knowing the cost up-front allows us to easily budget and plan ahead. Having this monthly cost also encourages us to reach out and ask for more help whereas before we may not have because of the cost. This style of subscription is more preventative, which makes a lot more sense. Don't wait until you're in legal trouble to seek out a lawyer. Setting this up will help you make the best decisions for your business and help ensure that you'll always come out confident and protected!"

– Mara Natkin and Gloria Ramirez, Owners of Artery Ink, LLC


We help you decide what type of entity will best fit your needs and goals, submit all administrative filings, and draft the necessary documents to structure your business.

Monthly phone calls with your team plus regular email support about business-related issues.



1 hour call upon signing. $350 value. Click here to learn more.


We’ll read the proposed contract, identify issues, discuss with you, and negotiate terms with the other side.


If it’s written, recorded, sculpted, or fixed in any other tangible way, copyright protection is available. Call on us to evaluate what’s copyrightable, register your work, enforce your rights, and license others to use it.


We provide all-inclusive flat fees for disputes between our clients and landlords, customers, employees, and competitors to get the matter settled quickly and efficiently, with an eye to protect you from future litigation.


$1,750 / Month

3 to 6-month commitment required, depending on projects selected


Includes contracts of 25 pages or less.

Pick up to two projects per quarter including customized contracts or a trademark application filing.


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 When Fern isn't enough and Iris is too much, then our Orchid Legal Subscription may be just right. If you need specific legal services like contracts drafted or trademarks protected; the flexibility to ask for legal advice whenever, and contracts reviewed, revised and negotiated, then our Orchid Legal Subscription is for you. 

Wondering how the Orchid Legal Subscription could help you and what sorts of projects our Orchid clients need? Here are some ideas:

  • Search and register logos, slogans, word marks (of products, services, podcasts, courses, and more) as federally registered trademarks. We’ll also find out whether your trademark is confusingly similar to someone else’s.
  • Draft or revise your services and consulting agreements for greater transparency. Common problem areas include: pricing (deposit, payment schedule, excluded expenses, late payments), refunds, intellectual property (who owns the trademarks, content, or work product), deadlines, client responsibilities (and what if they’re late or forgetful), warranties (or not), acts of god (lessons learned, 2020).
  • Draft licensing agreements to allow businesses or people to use your art, content, podcast recordings, processes, courses, or videos for a fee, with your permission, and on your terms.
  • Help you and your business partners decide how you’ll work together and think through the what ifs (what if someone dies, wants out of the business, is unable to work and more). Note: Wisconsin LLC law is changing in 2023. Get on top of it ASAP.
  •  Protect your business with waivers and releases, customized for what you do and how you do it.
  • Send cease and desist letters to businesses who are using your trademarks, content, photos, videos, and art without permission.
  • Tackle your growing legal to do list, for example, drafting website terms of service and privacy policies, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, custom goods agreements, and wholesale agreements.

We'd love to talk to you about our legal subscriptions and help you pick the one that's right for you.  

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