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Doing business as an entity is the easiest way to protect your personal assets as an entrepreneur. But, creating the entity is just the first step. Your organizational documents, from operating agreements to buy/sell agreements to bylaws, need to reflect the unique circumstances, contributions, and management of your business. We’ll strategize how best to organize your entity and then draft the agreements necessary to protect you and your business.


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Entity Creation and Organization

Doing business as an entity is essential. We'll help you pick the right one and draft the agreements to set you up for success.

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And we know small business owners do, too. We want you to call whenever you need us, for matters big or small, without worrying about the ticking billable hour clock.

That's why we developed Legal Subscriptions and Flat Fees for most services.

To support your growth, we developed Legal Subscriptions to deliver affordable, dependable legal services for a set monthly fee. 

We have three levels to choose from, each offering you a menu of legal services for a fixed cost each month--emails, phone calls, and monthly check-ins included.

We’ve created an all-inclusive fee schedule for our most-requested contracts and dispute resolution techniques so you can know the all-in cost at the beginning of the project. And yes, emails and phone calls with your attorney are included, here too. From reviewing and negotiating a commercial lease to drafting a services agreement, we have a flat fee to fit your needs.

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"As a small business owner, being able to trust your legal counsel is incredibly important. Melnick and Melnick have had our backs since day one. They have been incredible advocates for me, my team, my business, and the local Milwaukee community as a whole. I always know they are looking out for us which allows me to focus on building my business and not stress over legal issues that may arise. Thank you so much for your help and guidance!"

– Kiley Peters, Owner of Brainchild Studios, LLC and Rayne IX, LLC

Entity Creation & 

Creating Your Entity

Figuring out how to organize your business is one of the most important, and often among the first, considerations for a business owner. We’ll discuss your goals and identify options tailored to your business. We will take care of necessary administrative filings to get your business up and running (starting at a flat fee of $500 for a single-member LLC).

  • Single Member Limited Liability Company
  • Multi Member Limited Liability Company
  • Corporation
  • Nonstock Corporation
  • Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership

Organizing the Business

A LegalZoom template operating agreement that is not tailored to your specific needs likely won’t cut it when a dispute arises (trust us, we’ve seen the template). 

We offer a flat fee for drafting a customized multi-member operating agreement starting at $2,500, where we work with the members to hash out all of the possible what ifs (what happens if someone dies, becomes disabled, or gets divorced, among other important issues), and write an agreement that will be a useful reference point for members going forward as the business grows and changes.

If two or more people or entities own your business, you need a thoughtful and complete operating agreement or partnership agreement. A customized operating agreement is vital to protecting both the entity and the members’ interests. Plan ahead  so all members know what happens if:

  • A member wants out of the business voluntarily.
  • A member fails to make a required contribution to the LLC.
  • The members disagree about whether they want to take on a new business partner. 
  • The members disagree about the valuation of the company upon sale.


Nonprofits are vital to vibrant communities. We assist nonprofits from inception through filing the application to receive tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, all for a flat fee. Let us tackle the necessary filings so that you can get back to work serving the community. 

We file to create the nonstock corporation, draft bylaws, and draft the appropriate application for 501(c)(3) status for flat fees generally ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, depending on your organization’s specific needs. 

Not sure if your work qualifies for tax-exempt status? We’ll work with you to determine whether and if so how you can better align your organization with the IRS’s requirements for tax-exempt status.


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