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We help our clients avoid disputes through proactive strategic counseling, clear and well-designed contracts, and negotiated solutions. But when conflict is unavoidable, we’re ready and able to help. We use various approaches—negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation—to reach beneficial and workable outcomes for our clients. Examples of our dispute resolution services include: 


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Dispute Resolution Legal Services

A dispute can derail your business. Let us analyze your options, negotiate a solution, and, if necessary, represent your interests in court.

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And we know small business owners do, too. We want you to call whenever you need us, for matters big or small, without worrying about the ticking billable hour clock.

That's why we developed Legal Subscriptions and Flat Fees for most services.

To support your growth, we developed Legal Subscriptions to deliver affordable, dependable legal services for a set monthly fee. 

We have three levels to choose from, each offering you a menu of legal services for a fixed cost each month--emails, phone calls, and monthly check-ins included.

We’ve created an all-inclusive fee schedule for our most-requested contracts and dispute resolution techniques so you can know the all-in cost at the beginning of the project. And yes, emails and phone calls with your attorney are included, here too. From reviewing and negotiating a commercial lease to drafting a services agreement, we have a flat fee to fit your needs.

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"This firm is run with sincere honesty and integrity. By the time we resolved our case, Stephanie and Sarah felt like family. They were so easy to work with and always offered the best advice and direction. We were amazed with each draft and deposition's detail and professionalism. They really worked hard to get us the result we were looking for. We were definitely happy we chose Melnick & Melnick, S.C. to fight our case!"

– John & Pam Paul, owners of John's Small Engine Repair, LLC

  • Resolving or litigating contract disputes
  • Negotiating resolutions of partner, founder, and shareholder disagreements
  • Representing clients related to government agency investigations and complaints, including, for example, the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
  • Protecting our Clients’ intellectual property by initiating or defending trademark, trade secret, and copyright disputes (including before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board)
  • Filing or defending suits seeking temporary remedies (for example, injunctions and orders freezing the status quo)
  • Strategizing with clients related to reputation and brand management

Not sure whether the issue you're facing requires a lawyer? We've helped clients address and resolve these and many other obstacles: 

Disputes Happen. We're Ready To Assist.

  • Helped members of LLCs resolve their differences and move forward or move on.
  • Litigated parties' failures to live up to their contractual obligations (e.g., franchise agreements, LLC operating agreements, custom product purchase agreements, and services agreements).
  • Litigated trademark disputes and other actions before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Represented clients before Wisconsin's various trade and professional certification governing boards.
  • Counseled clients on how to resolve sensitive issues in the workplace.