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Detailed, thoughtful contracts help your business run smoothly. We’ll work with you to draft and customize contracts to meet your specific needs, and often for budget-friendly all-inclusive flat fee. We’ll identify issues, find solutions, and deliver a contract you can use over and over again. Have an existing contract that needs updating? We’ll revise it to reflect how your business works now.


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Contract Drafting & Negotiation

We craft clear contracts customized to fit your business.

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And we know small business owners do, too. We want you to call whenever you need us, for matters big or small, without worrying about the ticking billable hour clock.

That's why we developed Legal Subscriptions and Flat Fees for most services.

To support your growth, we developed Legal Subscriptions to deliver affordable, dependable legal services for a set monthly fee. 

We have three levels to choose from, each offering you a menu of legal services for a fixed cost each month--emails, phone calls, and monthly check-ins included.

We’ve created an all-inclusive fee schedule for our most-requested contracts and dispute resolution techniques so you can know the all-in cost at the beginning of the project. And yes, emails and phone calls with your attorney are included, here too. From reviewing and negotiating a commercial lease to drafting a services agreement, we have a flat fee to fit your needs.

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Customized Contract Drafting

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"Many think of calling a business lawyer when something goes wrong. I’ve found a great sense of peace and confidence working with Melnick & Melnick while everything is going right. Together, we have anticipated potential issues that could sabotage my growth and prevent the Idea Collective Small Business Incubator from reaching its potential. The Melnick and Melnick team is thoughtful, thorough and eager to answer your questions and do what’s necessary to protect your future."

– Pat Miller, Owner of Small Step Solutions, LLC d/b/a Idea Collective

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Legal Business Basics 

(flat fees starting at $500)

The backbones of any good business relationship, these contracts are vital to operating your business and protecting sensitive, confidential information.

  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms of Service
  • Waiver and Release from Liability
  • Employment Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

Contracts for Sale of Goods 

(flat fees starting at $1,500)

Whether you’re a maker, artist, creative, designer, or other right-brained person, you need a contract that puts your goods in stores, on the shelves, and into peoples’ homes and offices.

  • Wholesale Terms
  • Consignment Terms
  • Terms of Sale for Goods
  • Terms of Sale for Custom Goods

Contracts for Services 

(flat fees starting at $2,000)

Making a custom graphic or piece of art? Redesigning a brand? Providing consulting services? You need a contract that clearly defines what you’re selling and, more importantly, what you’re not.

  • Services Agreement
  • Speaking Agreement
  • Sponsorship Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement

Contracts for Sale of Goods 

(flat fees starting at $1,500)

Contract review can be expensive and unpredictable. From consulting agreements to commercial leases to non-disclosure agreements to services agreements, third parties’ contracts can make a big difference to your bottom line if they go awry. Spending $20,000 on a new website but the contract isn’t clear? Don’t go into a relationship blind. We’ll review, revise, and advise you to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying and for how much. 

Need help negotiating the terms of a services agreement for a multi-year deal? We can jump in and help you get to the dotted line. We’ll read the proposed contract, identify issues, discuss with you, and even negotiate terms and finalize language with the other side. Our fees vary based on the length and complexity of the contract at issue.

Contract Review, Revision, and Negotiation

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