We’re all gradually adapting to this new social distancing reality. And if you’re managing a small business, figuring out how to please your customers, keep your staff safe and busy, and make ends meet is overwhelming. We’ve dedicated this space on our website to post information, some legal and some not, small business owners need now. For starters:

  • Review your businessowners insurance policy. Is coverage related to viruses, bacteria etc. specifically excluded? If not, keep reading. Need help making sense of the insurance contract jargon? Let me know.  
  • Check out the employer unemployment resources section of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development’s website. You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you’re self-employed, but the amount of income treated as wages may be different than for other employees. And, you’ll still be required to search for work. 
  • Looking for financial assistance? This too is evolving. But start with the Small Business 20/20 ProgramKiva, and Facebook. The SBA is offering small business loans in designated states. Wisconsin is not on the list, yet, but stay tuned.