Civil Litigation

Despite preventative measures and efforts to diffuse tension and resolve disputes outside of a courtroom, some lawsuits are unavoidable. But, our approach to litigation is results-oriented. We will apply our experience, synthesize complex issues and related law, and help clients identify the most appropriate course of action to accomplish their goals cost-effectively.

Business Torts

Harm to business relationships and economic interests caused by wrongful or unlawful conduct may be compensated under the law. Fraud, interference with contractual relations, and unfair competition are prevalent in the business world and steps must be taken to protect your bottom line.

Contract Disputes

Entering into a contract imposes certain legal rights and obligations on the parties. Typical contract disputes arise related to formation, interpretation, and performance. We will handle your dispute with a cost-effective strategy designed to protect your contractual rights.


Our firm prides itself on its superb legal writing and has a proven track record of successfully appealing a variety of issues in state and federal court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Courts are not the only, and may not always be the best way, to resolve disputes. Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases through mediation and arbitration. Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation that emphasizes reaching a compromise through a neutral third party. Arbitration is also frequently used as a simpler alternative to a trial that places decision-making authority in the hands of a neutral third party chosen by the parties.