Girl power: Hasbro brings gender pay gap debate to game night with new Ms. Monopoly

Hasbro’s newest iteration of Monopoly comes with ride shares, WiFi payments, and a gender pay gap. Every time a female player passes “go” she makes $240 Monopoly bucks while male players collect the usual $200. This new twist on the classic game is meant to celebrate women’s empowerment and “flip the gender pay gap.” Read more.

‘We blew it’: Forbes named 99 men and only one woman on its list of ‘most innovative leaders

After facing backlash for including only one woman on Forbes’s “America’s Most Innovative Thinkers” list, editor Randall Lane’s defense of the results has him in hot water. Suggesting that the methodology they “worked on for years” to determine the list is to blame only serves to shine light on the fact that women will continue to be underrepresented until the methods change along with society. Read more.

Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff teach a lesson in humility and sportsmanship

Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff faced off in the third round of the US Open the night of September 5. The short and tidy game left some fans wanting for action, but how these two players interacted off the court, and during their impromptu joint interview, was truly something to behold. Read more.

There are more single working women than ever, and that’s changing the US economy

History will be made by 2030! An estimated 45% of US working women will be single and spending less of their income on traditional household necessities or family-focused products. Some big name companies are keeping up with this demographic shift by zeroing in on products and marketing campaigns designed with the lifestyle of single, working women in mind. Read more.

She started pursuing fashion design at 7 years old. Now, this Dousman native has a bridal studio in Oconomowoc.

Wisconsin native Kristin “Kit” Hunzinger brought her talents and experience as a clothing designer in New York City back home to Oconomowoc. Her shop, fittingly named Kit, is a full-service bridal salon, offering samples from Kit’s collection as well as custom gowns, alterations and workshops, all done by Hunzinger herself. Read more.

They’re Mad as Hell

Content Warning:

In an age of transparency surrounding issues related to harassment, several women over 60 reconcile having lived their younger years in a pre-#MeToo society. Read more.

It’s Possible Leggings Are The Future. Deal With It.

Notre Dame University students are protesting in support of leggings. Controversy surrounding the popular clothing item arose from an angry letter rooted in traditional gender notions, and these students will not stand for it. Read more.

Notre Dame Coach Drops the Mic on the Lack of Women Leaders in Sports

Notre Dame women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw believes women deserve more sports leadership positions. Listen as she explains the importance of girls seeing women role models in leadership positions at the Women’s Final Four press conference. Read more.

Pfister announces 2019 artist in residence

Today, local artist Rosy Petri takes over as artist in residence at the Pfister Hotel, where she will display original works utilizing various mediums. Over the next year of her residency, she hopes to celebrate diversity and explore the complexities of humanity by drawing from numerous perspectives and creating an interactive atmosphere. Read more.

Karen Uhlenbeck Is First Woman to Win Abel Prize for Mathematics

Throughout her career, Dr. Karen Uhlenbeck has shattered glass ceilings as a female mathematician. Her exploration of soap film and contributions to quantum field theory techniques have qualified her as the first woman to receive an Abel prize for mathematics. Read more.

These refugees came to Milwaukee for a new life, now they’re sharing their food with us at special events

Many refugees with hopes of building new lives are now calling Milwaukee home. Through cooking, Milwaukee residents are connecting to our new neighbors, with 3 restaurants (including former She Stands Tall speaker Caitlin Cullen’s The Tandem) opening up their space for “Tables Across Borders,” a series of pop-up dinners cooked by restaurateurs and refugees alike. Read more.

Bell, Bartolottas, Jacobs, Van Rite land James Beard nominations

Local Milwaukee restaurant and bar owners continue to impress for the James Beard Nominations. Four chefs, including Karen Bell of Bavette La Boucherie (who is presenting at our She Stands Tall Speaker Series on June 24), have been nominated for Best Chef Midwest. Stay tuned for the semifinalist announcement on March 27! Read more.

Black History Lunch: One Hollywood Writers Room’s Quest to Diversify Staff Meals

The Hollywood writers’ room of Hulu original “Wild Cards” is recognizing Black History Month by ordering lunch from only Black-owned restaurants for the month of February. The writers intend to support women-owned businesses in March for Women’s History Month. Read more.

Navy To Launch First All-Female Flyover To Honor Pioneer Pilot Rosemary Mariner

On Saturday, the Navy honored the life of Captain Rosemary Mariner, a pioneer for women in the military and first woman to fly a tactical jet. To celebrate her legacy, the Navy commissioned the first ever all-female pilot flyover to perform at her funeral. Read more.

The Dallas Mavericks’ New CEO Is Cleaning Up a #MeToo Mess

Cynthia Marshall, former head of Human Resources and chief diversity officer for AT&T, replaced Mark Cuban as chief executive officer of the Dallas Mavericks after Cuban failed to protect the women on his team, promoting a toxic work environment. After nearly a year on the job, Marshall’s efforts in a historically male-dominated workplace (the NBA) have made waves in improving office morale and providing support to victims of sexual harassment. Read more.

Dominique Crenn Wins Third Michelin Star, a First for a Woman in America

While Michelin stars are quite the achievement for anyone in the restaurant industry, Dominique Crenn has even more reason to be proud. Becoming the first woman in America to be awarded 3 Michelin stars sets her apart, breaking down a difficult barrier and providing her with a larger platform to inspire women around the globe. Read more.

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ will be released in 2019

Although “The Handmaid’s Tale” was published in 1985, its portrayal of dystopian society is still at the front of many minds. After over 3 decades, Atwood has used inspiration from her fans and the world we live in to procure a sequel. Read more.

Nevada just got rid of its “tampon tax”

Women in Nevada can take “tampon tax” off their “Reasons Why I Hate My
Period” lists. Nevada voters approved the state’s initiative to exclude menstrual
products from the state’s 6.85% sales tax. Thank Democratic State Senators
Yvanna Cancela and Joyce Woodhouse for recognizing that taxing these products
placed “an unfair financial burden” on women. Read more.

A Travel Magazine With a Focus on Feminism

A woman’s place is…where ever she wants it to be, including countries, cities, beaches, jungles and mountains all over the world. Women make 85% of travel decisions yet travel publications are mostly edited by men. Seeing a need for a travel publication with a feminist twist, travel writer and blogger Nikki Vargas, founded Unearth Women. Read more.

Women love baseball. Why doesn’t baseball love them back?

America’s pastime is losing the gender equality game. Major League Baseball has a history of trading accused domestic abusers to different teams. Sexist game giveaways (feather boas, really?) and a 2015 Fox Sports anchor’s on-air rant about sorority girls taking selfies in the stands, are just two more examples of baseball striking out with women. Read more.

Five local chefs to be featured on new Food Network show with Tyler Florence

Milwaukee’s restaurant scene takes center stage September 27 on Bite Club, a new Food Network show hosted by celebrity chef, Tyler Florence. Local chefs including the cheel’s Barkha Limbu Daily, Iron Grate BBQ’s Aaron Patin and The Tandem’s Caitlin Cullen, get cooking as Bite Club shines the spotlight on a few of our city’s talented chefs. Even more exciting is that the two female chef participants are former and upcoming She Stands Tall speakers: Caitlin Cullen spoke in January and Barkha Limbu Daily is our speaker in December. We can’t wait to watch you represent Milwaukee’s food scene and female business owners this month! Read more.

With Foxtown and Spur 16, Mequon juggles two massive projects that will transform the city

Mequon: where the magic happens…said no one ever. But seriously, it is. With new developments in the Mequon Town Center and surrounding Town Center district including the 3 Rs: retail, residential and of course, tons of restaurants, this formerly sleepy suburb is in the process of a complete transformation. It’s great to see progress all over MKE! Read more.

Five local chefs to be featured on new Food Network show with Tyler Florence

Milwaukee’s restaurant scene takes center stage September 27 on Bite Club, a new Food Network show hosted by celebrity chef, Tyler Florence. Local chefs including the cheel’s Barkha Limbu Daily, Iron Grate BBQ’s Aaron Patin and The Tandem’s Caitlin Cullen, get cooking as Bite Club shines the spotlight on a few of our city’s talented chefs. Read more.

How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator (Even if You Hate Conflict)

Do you dread asking for a raise or talking about salary with a potential employer? You aren’t alone. Studies show women are often unfairly penalized when they ask for a raise. Viewing a salary negotiation as a collaborative conversation instead of a conflict is the first step in successfully negotiating to earn what you’re worth! Read more.

Popular Third Ward restaurant added as newest tenant for Mequon Public Market

Local chef extraordinaire Karen Bell’s modern take on the neighborhood butcher shop will open a second location in the new 10,000 square foot market. Karen Bell’s story and successes are an inspiration to female chefs and entrepreneurs alike, and Bavette La Boucherie cannot come to the North Shore soon enough! Read more.

The Latest Female CEO in the Fortune 500 Breaks a New Barrier

Beth Ford broke the buttery glass ceiling. Ford was recently named President/CEO of Land O Lakes, a $14 billion, Fortune 500 company. This promotion makes Ford a true trailblazer: she’s one of 25 women CEOs, one of 3 openly gay CEOs and the only gay, female CEO on the Fortune 500 list. Rock on Beth! Read more.

Moxie owners to open new Italian pizzeria in Whitefish Bay

Look out Whitefish Bay…here comes Trouble! Trouble & Sons, a casually elegant, family friendly, Italian restaurant by the wife and wife team of Tamela Greene and Anne Marie Arroyo, is scheduled to open at the end of August just two blocks down Silver Spring from Moxie, the couple’s successful first restaurant. Read more.

Meet the new owner of MilwaukeeHome, Steph Davies

Milwaukee Home has a home thanks to Steph Davies. Davies owns The Waxwing, the shop that has featured Milwaukee Home products since artist Melissa Thorton Kuykendall created the brand. Through an “open adoption,” arrangement, Davies bought Milwaukee Home but will continue to work with Thorton Kuykendall to keep the Milwaukee Home’s community-focused, locally inspired vision. Read more.

Study: male political reporters retweet other dudes 3 times more than their female colleagues

Women are gaining power and prestige in every field. But beltway journalism is still an insular boys club according to a recent survey by the International Journal of Press/Politics. The survey shows male journalists retweet other male journalists at alarmingly huge rates. This means female reporters’ voices aren’t being heard the way they should be. Read More.

The entire justice system here is run by black women. It’s not a diversity experiment. They do things differently.

Most municipal courts are run by white men, but in South Fulton Georgia, Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers leads a team of all black women, including interim police chief Sheila Rogers, solicitor LaDawn “LBJ” Jones and administrator, Lakeisya Cofield. This city of 95,000 is the first American city where black women run the criminal justice system. Read More

The World’s Biggest Advertiser Wants Women to Direct 50% of Its Ads by 2023

The world’s biggest advertiser is pledging to establish more gender equality behind the scenes.

Procter & Gamble (PG, +0.53%), which owns everything from Tide to Pampers, announced Monday that it is working toward a 2023 goal of women directing at least half of its product commercials. Only about 10% of its commercials are currently directed by women. – Fortune

“If we just achieve equality in economic empowerment between women and men, it could add $28 trillion to world economy. That’s a lot of purchasing power,” said Marc Pritchard, the company’s chief brand officer. Read more.

City of Milwaukee trying to address gender pay gap by banning salary history questions

Milwaukee, along with several other cities, is considering a ban on salary history questions because basing a new hire’s starting salary on her previous compensation perpetuates wage disparities, even if unintentionally.

“Women earn about 82% of what men make for comparable hours, the Pew Research Center reported in April.”

Efforts like this proposal are a critical step towards bringing awareness to and ultimately narrowing the gender pay gap. Read more.

Madison’s CocoVaa Chocolatier Wins 17 International Awards

Move over, Oscars. There are Academy Awards for Chocolate and Vata Edari, founder of Madison’s CocoVaa Chocolatier, won 17 of them. Edari, a young, African American woman, goes to England in July to thank the Academy. This successful woman pays it forward by encouraging others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Read more.

8 fierce female business owners

Here are eight fierce female business owners in Milwaukee. There are plenty of amazing lady bosses in Milwaukee – leaders, doers, makers and shakers that build up our community and inspires us with their magic every day. Can you think of more to add to the list? Read more.

Beans & Barley to open second location, in Mequon

Mequon real estate developer and former She Stands Tall speaker Cindy Schaffer’s new project, Spur 16, announced new tenants for the project bringing “community living” to Mequon Road. Tenants of the new Mequon Public Market include Milwaukee treasures Beans & Barley, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., and Purple Door Ice Cream. Miwaukee Public Market anchor St. Paul Fish Co. is also part of the development. Read more.

The 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2018

We hope you had a happy Mother’s Day yesterday – whether you were celebrating or remembering an important woman or being celebrated. Here are links to two of our favorite articles from yesterday that celebrate motherhood: from short films examining the difficulty of grieving a mother’s passing to a list of 50 inspiring moms in science, corporate America, and media. Read more. 

The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John

Women are succeeding in male dominated fields, but we still have a long way to go. According to the New York Times’ Glass Ceiling Index, the same number of women are Fortune 500 CEOs as men in that role named “James” (each making up 5% of all Fortune 500 companies). The index shows that women remain largely absent from top executive positions in academia, publishing, government, and entertainment. Read more. 

The Remarkable Life of Vel Phillips

Milwaukee lost a trailblazer in local and state politics with the recent passing of 94-year-old Vel Phillips. Phillips’ countless accomplishments include: being the first African American woman to graduate from UW law school, the first African American to win a statewide election and the first African American to serve on Milwaukee’s common council. Read more.

GenoPalate closes on seed funding round

It’s in her DNA. Sherry Zhang, local entrepreneur and owner of GenoPalate, a company that performs DNA analyses to provide personalized nutrition recommendations, recently completed the first round of seed funding for her start-up. Zhang raised $307,000, much of which came from local sources including gener8tor and BrightStar Wisconsin. Read more.

They’re Back! Murphy Brown and Cagney & Lacey Return to the Small Screen in the #MeToo Era

Prime time TV reboots are all the rage and two beloved small screen female-focused shows are in the works. In their original forms, Murphy Brown and Cagney & Lacey were audience favorites, known for groundbreaking subjects. These two hits are coming back better than ever, with more diverse casting and their signature strong female leads. Read more.

Researchers Asked Kids to ‘Draw a Scientist.’ Here’s What They Came Up With

If perception is reality, things are looking up for women in science, according to children. Between 1966-1977, 1% of children, when asked to draw a scientist, drew a woman. Today 28% of children drew a female scientist. Gender plays a part in this perception: 42% of girls but only 5% of boys envisioned female scientists. Read more.

The Baaree beer garden and community space is coming to The Cheel

Plan to belly up to the Baaree this summer. The Baaree at The Cheel is yet another reason to visit Thiensville’s beloved Nepalese restaurant. This outdoor community gathering spot will feature plenty of seating, cool artwork, a fire pit and, of course, beer, cocktails, wine, and the unique food that makes this Ozaukee county restaurant so popular. Read more.

Former Cabinet secretary Donna Shalala to run for Congress in Miami

Remember the name Donna Shalala? Former Chancellor of University of Wisconsin – Madison and President Clinton’s former Secretary of Health and Human Services now hopes to become Congresswoman Shalala. The 77 year old has entered the Congressional race in Miami, Florida. Shalala joins an already crowded field of Democrats who hope to win the seat currently held by retiring Republican Ileana Lehtinen, the first Cuban American to join Congress. Read more.

Milwaukee woman starts body-positive clothing line for dancers

What does a dancer do who can’t find a leotard that makes her feel confident? She makes her own! Milwaukee dancer, Jade Charon, launched a line of affordable, flattering leotards and founded 30:11 to fill a dancewear industry void. Charon offers leotards with more coverage and support to promote positive body image and build self esteem for curvy dancers. Read more.

Report: Milwaukee among top 20 cities for women in tech

For local women in technology, there’s good news and bad news. Good news: Milwaukee made SmartAsset’s list of top 20 cities. Bad news: we dropped from 14 to 18 and local women in tech are only paid 91% of their male colleagues’ salaries. But, more good news:  the number of overall tech jobs increased by 7%. Read more.

Brookfield to open its first human milk dispensary

Got Breastmilk? MD Custom RX, a new business in Brookfield, does and is selling it to parents with a doctor’s prescription. The pasteurized breastmilk is accepted from donors and thoroughly screened for disease, medication, and tobacco and alcohol use. This service is valuable for parents of premature babies and those who can’t breastfeed due to illness, adoption or surrogacy, but it doesn’t come cheap—$20 for 4 ounces. Read more.

Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?

Women’s networking events and conferences are more popular than ever. When groups of women come together to share ideas, it’s a beautiful thing. But are there long-term gains? Research shows the answer is YES! And these benefits aren’t limited to women; turns out networking and and spending time with like-minded people work well for men, too. Put the science to the test and network with us on March 12 at The Ruby Tap in Mequon to hear how and why Tyan Soo started Nail Bar Milwaukee. Did we mention there are snacks and drinks available, too? Read more.

TheSkimm Is Launching a New No-B.S. Career Advice Podcast

Can’t get enough of theSkimm? Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, cofounders and CEOs of the popular news service that summarizes and frequently humorizes news stories for millennial women, are creating a podcast with a female focus. “Skimm’d From the Couch” will share inspiring stories of successful women and the challenges they’ve had to overcome. NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast is also a must-listen if you want to know how and why entrepreneurs do what they do. Catch the end of the Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn’s HIBT interview to hear from local entrepreneur Danica Lause of Peekaboos, maker of cleverly designed ponytail hats. Read more.

The 2018 Finalists For The PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize For Debut Fiction Are All Women For The First Time Ever

Read any good books lately? PEN America has. This organization gives out the Bingham prize, a literary award for best debut fiction and for the first time, the finalists are all-female. Author Hannah Lillith Assadi’s novel Sonora and Jenny Zhang’s Sour Heart, a collection of short fiction, are among the nominees for the $25,000 prize. Read more.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shares Her #MeToo Moment at Sundance

Which celebrity drew the biggest crowd at the Sundance Film Festival? Hanks or Streep? Nope. Fans stood in line for hours to hear Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak in advance of the new documentary, “RBG.” In her talk, Ginsburg shared her appreciation of the #MeToo movement, her personal story of sexual harassment, and her love for Kate McKinnon’s SNL impression, #Ginsburned. Read more.

CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands, will place alert label on others

A reason to love CVS: the drug store chain banned photo manipulation on its cosmetics. To ensure that images are as realistic as possible, the company promised an end to retouching and airbrushing photos. AND…CVS is demanding that by 2020, all cosmetic brands in CVS stores adopt this same best practice. After that, CVS will stamp a “CVS Beauty Mark” on any beauty product marketing materials that include digitally altered photos. Read more.

Michelle Williams’ infuriating pay gap shows why it’s unfair to ask women to think of the greater good

Women do the right thing, men simply do their thing. The result: GLARING gender pay gap. Here’s an example: Actor Kevin Spacey was replaced in the movie All the Money in the World, which meant re-shoots. Actress Michelle Williams was willing happy to do the re-shoots for $1,000. Actor Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for them. Several days after the news of his higher earnings broke, Wahlberg announced that he would donate his reshoot earnings to the #TimesUp legal fund. Read more.

The Number of Women in the Senate Will Hit an All-Time High of 22

A Woman’s Place is in the House…and the Senate. On January 3, this statement rang truer than ever when Minnesota’s Tina Smith joined 21 other females in the US senatorial sorority. Twenty years ago, there were less than ten women US senators so to Senator Smith and her female colleagues, we say “Congrats!” and “Thank you!!” Read more. 

Jim Henson Co.’s new TV show to feature empowering female superheroes

Move over Spiderman and Batman, make way for a squad of female super heroes courtesy of the Jim Henson company. Inspired by the #MeToo movement, seven superheroines with names like Courage, Mastery, Honesty, and Wisdom will join the ranks of their male counterparts on TV sets and in toy store aisles everywhere in about two years. Read more.

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do.

Bad news: traditional sexual harassment training methods are ineffective. More bad news: they can backfire. Good news: there are new methods of sexual harassment prevention including teaching bystanders to speak up and promoting women into positions of power. More good news: research shows the new methods work, we just have to get companies to use them. Read more.

Peekaboos Ponytail Hats crowdfunding to bring production to U.S.

If you’ve ever worn a ponytail, you’ve undoubtedly experienced this: ponytails + hats = awkward bumps. Danica Lause decided to combat this by knitting hats with hidden ponytail openings. Lause recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that her company, Peekaboos Ponytail Hats, can bring knitting in house—in Germantown, Wisconsin. Read more.

Federal law enforcement has a woman problem

If you’ve been pulled over lately, chances are it’s been by a male cop. Law enforcement is still a male-dominated field, except in one Midwest college town. The Madison, Wisconsin police force is about 30% female and the women wearing the badge in Madison are protecting and serving citizens in the best possible ways. Read more.

A Big Deal in Big Food, Irene Rosenfeld Retires From Mondelez

When you reach for an Oreo or Ritz Cracker, think of Irene Rosenfeld. As she retires as CEO of snack food manufacturer Mondelez International, Rosenfeld leaves a company that’s succeeding despite the trend toward heathy eating. Most importantly, Rosenfeld’s reign as CEO paved the way for other female execs to break glass ceilings. Read more.

College-Savings Imbalance: Parents Put Aside More for Sons Than Daughters

We didn’t need another reason to blame our parents, but research indicates parents invest more in college savings for sons than daughters. To overcome this, women work through school and graduate with more debt. It all leads to the gender wage gap. Read more.

Can ‘Experience Investing’ Help Female Entrepreneurs? The Co-Founder of Airbnb Thinks

The venture capital world is still a boys’ club. Only 8% of decision-making partners in the top 100 VC firms are women, which puts females looking for investors at a significant disadvantage. One “woman-trepreneur” had enough, and created her own nurturing “venture community” to fight this trend. You go, girl! Read more.

Research: Objective Performance Metrics Are Not Enough to Overcome Gender Bias

There’s bad news and good news about gender bias. A Harvard Business Review study shows when people were given only gender information to make a professional decision, men usually won. But when given information beyond name and gender, such as the quality of the person’s work, women’s chances improved. To improve your chances of overcoming gender bias when applying for jobs, prominently highlight performance-related accomplishments. Read more. 

Freelancers Face a Bigger Gender Pay Gap and Most Don’t Even Know It

Female freelancers: want to make more money? Just ask! Research from billing website HoneyBook shows that women working as writers, artists, and graphic designers make significantly less than their male counterparts. But research also indicates that clients who hire freelancers don’t haggle about prices. So, go ahead and raise your rates. (You’re welcome.) Read more.

What Sephora Knows About Women in Tech That Silicon Valley Doesn’t

We’ve come a long way. But in the tech industry, not so much. With one big, beautiful exception: Sephora. The make-up giant is hiring women for every technical position and grooming them for promotion. Promoting women, especially on Sephora’s tech team, is just the way they do business. Read more.

A Smart Breast Pump: Mothers Love It. VCs Don’t

“Breast is best but pumping is a pain,” say working moms everywhere. So Janica Alvarez created a better, smarter breast pump, but when she met with male venture capitalists, she faced immature and unprofessional responses. Sad but true: the situation improved when Alvarez started taking her husband along. Read more.


Inspired or Frustrated, Women Go to Work for Themselves

Sick of dealing with the old boys’ network? Had enough mansplaining and sexist corporate policies? Ready to say, “I’m done;” leave the corporate world and start your own business? You aren’t alone. Maybe it’s time to join the ranks of female entrepreneurs with a new title, “Boss.” Read more.

Mothers Are Paid Less Than Fathers in Every State and at Every Education Level

Another angle on the gender wage gap–mothers earn less than fathers. Read more.

We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs

Pitching your idea to a room full of venture capitalists is scary. The gender bias baked into their decision-making is frightening. Read more.

TV Anchor Trolls Daily Mail by Repeatedly Wearing Same Blouse, Proves Important Point About Sexism

An Australian T.V. anchor did the unthinkable. Read more.

The ‘Chicago Tribune’ did to Aaron Rogers what media outlets do to women all the time

Men tweet that Packers QB was dissed (newsflash–welcome to our world). Read more.

Here’s How Long It Will Take For Each State to Give Equal Pay

State by state analysis–Florida (21 years) to Wyoming (136 years)–of years until the wage gap is closed. Read more.

What Happened When A Man Signed Work Emails Using A Female Name For 2 Weeks

A Male co-worker walked a mile in his female co-worker’s shoes. Guess how he was treated. Read more.

More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having ‘Way Too Much Fun’ to Retire

Women, especially those over “retirement age,” just wanna have fun-at work. Read more.

Gloria Steinem: Women Have ‘Chick Flicks.’ What About Men?

Men do have a category of their own. Think “Saving Private Ryan” and Westerns. Read more.