Business and Commercial

Running a business is rewarding. But using your time and your employees’ time efficiently while navigating a web of complicated laws, regulations, and disputes is essential. Let us ease your mind and your workload. We’ll tackle the legal issues that arise and present you with strategies and solutions, freeing you and your staff to run your business.

Formation and Organization

Figuring out how to organize your business is one of the most important, and frequently first, considerations for a business owner. Every type of business entity, from corporations to sole proprietorships, offers benefits, costs, and complications. We’ll discuss your goals and identify options tailored to your business. We will take care of necessary administrative filings as well as draft the documents, from simple to complex, to get your business up and running or to make changes along the way.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Branding and protecting your intellectual property rights can be an important part of your business. Our firm offers a variety of trademark and copyright services at affordable rates, including evaluation and applications for federal trademark registration, as well as protecting your brand through ongoing trademark monitoring and maintenance. When necessary, we can also defend and enforce your valuable rights.


When a business opportunity presents itself, our attorneys can help get the deal done. From conducting due diligence on a merger or acquisition to negotiating and closing commercial transactions, we focus on structuring the best deal for your business goals.


For one reason or another, sometimes a business venture must come to an end. Whether you are selling or winding up your business, our firm provides services to assist in all aspects of the process, making sure to tie up all loose ends.