Lessons from Five Years of She Stands Tall

Stephanie Melnick

She Stands Tall,

We started She Stands Tall in 2017 because I thought that learning what, how, and why female entrepreneurs do their thing would be inspiring, educational, and fun. Fortunately, over 50 women who own Milwaukee-area businesses of all sizes agreed to tell their stories to rooms full of strangers. What a ride it has been! We’ve learned so much about entrepreneurship, grit, and vulnerability these last five years but a few themes topped the list.

We Stand Taller Together 

Every woman who She Stands Tall featured since 2017 recognized the teams that lift them up—family, work family, friends, other entrepreneurs, and so many other people who we depend on to do our things. She Stands Tall is thriving after five years because my Melnick & Melnick, S.C. team is 100% committed to the mission and I am grateful!

Do The Right Thing 

Success is measured in more than dollars and cents. She Stands Tall speakers prioritized building businesses that lined up with their values, even when that meant putting their teams, families, and communities ahead of the bottom line.

Growth is Hard. Do it Anyway. 

The She Stands Tall female entrepreneurs described their failures, admitted that making the tough calls is hard, and pivoted, leaned in, and grew better and bigger anyway. They inspired us to do the next right thing. Forward motion is progress.

The last theme on our list is resonating for us, especially now. We’re poised to take She Stands Tall to new venues, audiences, and events and we’re looking for like-minded businesses to stand with us. If you believe in the power of small business to support communities. If you believe in the value of women’s unique voices and perspectives. If you believe in standing tall, even when it’s hard, terrifying, or during a pandemic, we’d love to tell you about our plans and how we could help each other. Schedule a time for us to connect. If you haven't yet experienced what She Stands Tall is all about, if partnering with us sounds like too good an opportunity to miss, or if you've never seen booty portrait phenom Rachal Duggan, join us on August 9 at 4:30 p.m. for the She Stands Tall pre-game on our rooftop. We promise amazing views, snacks, and drinks while we talk about our expansion plans and get pumped up to hear Rachal. Want to join? Email Stephanie. We look forward to growing She Stands Tall together!

Stephanie Attorney

Stephanie, owner of Melnick & Melnick, S.C. and self-described law nerd has been practicing law for over 25 years. Stephanie loves taking a deep dive into clients’ businesses to learn what makes them tick. She also relishes a well-written (short and simple) contract and is pleased to draft and negotiate all kinds, including leases, operating agreements, and terms of service.

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