Top Ten Reasons You Need A Lawyer On Your Team

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Small business owners wear lots of hats and solopreneurs wear all the hats. But rather than guess or Google what you don’t know, add a trusted lawyer to your team. Here’s why you need one.

10.   We know what contract language is typical and what’s not. Force Majeure clauses can be good. Waiving your right to sue? Not so much.

9.   DIY legal wastes time, energy, and money. Your deep dive down the rabbit hole googling terms of service for your coaching business leaves you with a maybe applicable, maybe enforceable document that only maybe says what you need it to.

8.   All the words in contracts matter, not just payment terms and deadlines, and even if you don’t understand them.

7.   IP is valuable. Get help picking names, slogans, and logos that can be registered (spoiler: generic and descriptive names cannot). Using someone else’s trademark in your name—The Facebook Ad Experts—not okay. Need help understanding what content you can and can’t use online? We can help with that, too.

6.   Avoid ugly and protracted disputes. Disputes might be part of business but there are lots of ways to resolve them that don’t have to break your budget. Plus, we lawyers have distance from disputes. We help you get clarity and take the emotion out of it.

5.   Lawyers can help you see the long game. How the terms of a contract could affect your five-year plan. We’ll talk through how commitments like exclusivity and confidentiality could affect your business and may limit opportunities down the road.

4.   Getting a lawyer on your team can fit your budget. We ditched hourly billing and offer budget-friendly project-based flat fees for almost everything. Need a custom client services agreement, a sponsor agreement for a first-time event, or a talent release? We’ll get it done for a fixed fee—including all calls and emails.

3.   We can help you say no. Don’t rely on your instinct. We’ll tell you when the contract is so one-sided that it isn’t worth signing—when the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

2.   Our Grow Subscriptions add a lawyer to your team for a set monthly fee. Ask all the questions, big and small, by email or phone for $100/month. If you need more services, we have Grow Subscriptions for that, too. No extra charges for calls and emails--all are included.

1.   You’ll have a friend in the bar.

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Stephanie, owner of Melnick & Melnick, S.C. and self-described law nerd has been practicing law for over 25 years. Stephanie loves taking a deep dive into clients’ businesses to learn what makes them tick. She also relishes a well-written (short and simple) contract and is pleased to draft and negotiate all kinds, including leases, operating agreements, and terms of service.

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