Our Mission

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs. No matter whether you’re just getting started, are thinking about a third location, or planning an exit strategy, our focus is you—your plans, your budget, and your team. We’re committed to:

  • Simple over complicated. The law can be complicated. Our job is to boil down strategy and options, so they make sense to you. We write in English, not legalese. We think you can work better if you and the people you work with understand their rights and obligations.
  • Information is power. We communicate regularly and answer your questions promptly. If you don’t understand, ask. If you’re unsure about a strategy, let’s talk.
  • Budgets matter. We’re running a small business, too. Budgets are real and limited. We get it. We offer budget-friendly options for legal services and for our flat fees and monthly subscriptions, calls and/or e-mails are included.
  • Women rise better together. We believe in the power of women so much that we host events featuring female entrepreneurs at cool places owned by female entrepreneurs. She Stands Tall® is a community of women who support, inspire, and educate one another. We stand taller and stronger together.